World Top 10 Best HTML5 Websites of 2016

HTML5 is one of the most popular languages for structuring and presenting content in the world which used to create a website. Now we’ll know in the world Most Popular uses Top 10 Best HTML5 Websites of 2016 based on visual vocabulary to obviously classify and communicate our collective efforts.

1 | The Wilderness Downtown

The Wilderness Downtown is an intelligent music video for Arcade Fire’s song “We Used to Wait”. Visitors are asked to enter the location from the home they grew in and then the website uses Google Earth and HTML5 to make a modified music video to takes the user on a trip back home.

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World Top 15 Most Popular Search Engines of 2018

We are providing here most used top 16 Most Popular Search Engines  that we obtained from our eBusinessInformations Rank. We do constantly update the average of every website’s Alexa Global Traffic Rank, U.S Traffic Rank from both Quantcast and Complete. Refer to approximate rank of websites based on limited source of data.

The Following Are The Best Most Popular Search Engines:


1 | Google : Started in 1998 as a university project by Stanford University students “Sergey “ and “Larry Page”, Now Google is the best dominant search engine by no small margin and that didn’t evolve little by little. The most popular search engine, widely used and leading search engine all around the world Google global market share is up to 65.6% Plus which indexes billions of pages all times of all type including HTML,XML,PDF, Docs, Audio, MP3, MP4  video and almost all kind of multimedia documents exist on the extensively used search engine.

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