Top 7 youtubers in 2018
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The Top 7 YouTubers of 2018

Launching in 2005 and offering the opportunity to post content and create channels as of 2006, many have seen the benefits that come with the service whilst enjoying every bit of it. YouTube offers the ability to create a channel and some have gained great recognition for their material. With diversity in material, every Youtuber sets out differently and this is what keeps subscribers coming back for more. Herein are among the top 7 Youtubers as of 2018.

1. PewDiePie

“Let’s Play” is a term you will consistently hear on the channel. Being the most subscribed channel since 2013 PewDiePie is a channel mostly containing Game-Walk Throughs and Commentaries. The Youtuber is a Swedish born gent, who has recently taken to comical vlogs. The channel has over 65 million subscribers topping the list of the top 7 youtubers of 2018. His style is eccentric as he mostly involves his audience, and this is what creates the huge fanbase.

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