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Getting to Know Social Sites: Top 5 Social Media Websites

There are many social media websites active on the internet currently. But their existence is not all beneficial. For business you are able to reach out to a larger audience than traditional methods of advertising. This sort of exposure can also affect your establishment negatively: if you say something wrong or negative, all your customers will see it.

This piece takes a brief look at the top 5 social media websites and some features they possess. Before that, here are some interesting facts about the sites.

Interesting Facts about Social Media Sites

  • About 30% of all Americans mainly get news updates from Facebook.
  • Facebook operators handle traffic of over 60 billion messages per day.
  • The majority of all world leaders have an active twitter account
  • For advertising only, social media sites make close to 9 billion dollars
  • On average, all social media users spend 5 years and 3 months on the platforms

Top 5 Social Media sites


On sign up the user creates a profile that displays general information about h/her. This can range anything from gender to mobile contact numbers.

Facebook is commonly known for features such as the “like” button. The icon on the button is a thumb. Putting it on a friend’s post or picture can convey a variety of messages in a brief manner.

The platform has implemented different security measures to embrace the privacy of users. You are able to decide who gets to view content on client privacy. But this feature only goes so far as many people still claim that their accounts have been hacked.


This one is very similar to Facebook in terms of profile creation. Instead of using posts, users use what are called “tweets”. However, they are still your thoughts or photos you have uploaded.

Twitter is commonly used for a variety of purposes. This includes organizing protests in some areas of the world. For these kinds of reasons it has become banned in countries such as Iran and North Korea.


Although it does not have as many users as the previous two sites:

  • Facebook = 1.7 billion monthly users
  • Twitter = 310 million
  • LinkedIn = 106 million

LinkedIn plays an important role in society. It is designed to encourage the interaction between job seekers and employers.

Profiles created on this platform commonly include descriptions of job experience, curriculum vitae, and other professional information about the user.

Being that as it may, this site is highly criticized for sending invites using the email accounts of members without their approval.


This is a platform where people mainly share photos and videos with their friends and family. It features a variety of photographic filters one can apply to images/ photos.

One such filter is Kelvin. Through it the user is able to add a little glow to the images by increasing the saturation in the properties of the image.

From your website, you can use your instagram photos to redirect your potential clients to your instagram account. This is good for business as you can use different images to make a good impression on you clients.


Youtube is a video sharing platform. This enables users to upload and download thousands of videos from across the globe.

There are many benefits that come with video sharing. In education, teachers can refer to multiple video on the platform to help them improve the quality of their lessons in the classroom.

This medium of teaching is highly beneficial to learners because it contains physical demonstrations.

The downfall is that youtube has got a lot of users. It is hard to find good quality and reliable content for important purposes. Another thing is that streaming and downloading video content is quiet costly in other countries.

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