World Top 15 Most Popular Search Engines of 2018

We are providing here most used top 16 Most Popular Search Engines  that we obtained from our eBusinessInformations Rank. We do constantly update the average of every website’s Alexa Global Traffic Rank, U.S Traffic Rank from both Quantcast and Complete. Refer to approximate rank of websites based on limited source of data.

The Following Are The Best Most Popular Search Engines:


1 | Google : Started in 1998 as a university project by Stanford University students “Sergey “ and “Larry Page”, Now Google is the best dominant search engine by no small margin and that didn’t evolve little by little. The most popular search engine, widely used and leading search engine all around the world Google global market share is up to 65.6% Plus which indexes billions of pages all times of all type including HTML,XML,PDF, Docs, Audio, MP3, MP4  video and almost all kind of multimedia documents exist on the extensively used search engine.

2 | Bing : Microsoft’s search engine is the second most popular search engine in the world, with 15.8% of the global search market. Bing was launched in May 2009 as a fundamental upgrade from Microsoft’s previous efforts into search, MSN Search. One of best web search engine Bing provide various features to its users including interface updating, local information, media based features, Outlook, Hotmail , Facebook ,Apple, Windows 8 integration, multilingual and instant answering are some of exceptional thing for which most of people love to use it and ranked it among the best top 2nd search engines in the world.


3 | Yahoo! Search : “Yahoo” is an interesting search engine and one which, until recently, I had a very hard time taking seriously. it is a search engine, a news aggregator, Answer-Questions, a shopping center, Group, Lifestyles ,Yahoo mailbox, travel directory, horoscope , games center, and more.


4 | Baidu : “Baidu” is Leading search engine in Chaina. In China, “Baidu” is the major player with more than three of every four searches conducted on their engine. Chinese web Services Company “Baidu” is another the best most popular search engine which offers Chinese language-search engine for websites, audio files and images founded in January 1, 2000. “Baidu” is measured to be widely used search engine in China which provided the index of more than 740 million web pages 80 million images, and 10 million multimedia documents along with multimedia contented like music and movies in particular formats.


5 | Ask : The internet search engine was founded in 1995 by “Garrett Gruener” which currently headquartered in California, United States. The “Ask search engine” is a longtime name on the World Wide Web. The super-clean interface rivals the other major search engines, and the search options are as good as Google, Bing , DuckDuckGo. The results groupings are what really make stand out.


6| Aol Search :  “AOL” is an internet search engine owned by “American multinational mass media corporation” based in New York which deals in technology and offer other products, content and services around their wide business span. “AOL” offers web results from Google and other combined multimedia sources and various partners from the servers to answer queries of what users search on the internet to gain information. The internet suite “AOL” has web browser, a media player and an instant messenger client which has been added among the best web search engine across the globe.


7| Wow : The Best Most Comprehensive News Engine is “”. He destination for articles and videos on your favorite topics and currently trending in the news. Such as Entertainment, Health, Technology, Food Lifestyles, Family, Sports, Money and More


8 | WebCrawler : “WebCrawler®” brings users the best top search results from Google, Yahoo! and other most popular search engines. WebCrawler also provides multimedia results, including images, video, news, and local information. WebCrawler is a registered trademark of “InfoSpace”, Inc.

9 | Infospace “InfoSpace” is a leading provider of white label search and monetization solutions. We serve a network of more than 100 web publishers globally, offering core search solutions as a proven means to monetize audience via a search-based advertising revenue stream.


10 | Info : “” is a powerful search platform which draws together the best of the Web by aggregating results from the indexed-Web and the surrounding live social media sphere & much more relevant Web results.


11 | DuckDuckGo : The key feature of “DuckDuckGo” is that it doesn’t retain its users’ data, so it won’t track you or manipulate results based on your behavior. So if you’re particularly spooked by Google’s all-seeing, all-knowing eye, this might be the one for you. Smarter search without the tracking. Real Privacy, Community, Smarter Search is most thinking web search result.


12 | Blekko“Blekko”, trademarked blekko, is online search engine that stand among the best popular search engines around the globe having million of daily users and pages per view. IBM “International Business Machines” acquired the search engine in March of this year which features include search engine optimization statistics, IP address lookup, linking pages, comparing sites, tagging of pages and crawl statistics among others. The search engine also offers a downloadable browser toolbar which automatically default search and home page of user’s browsers, allow users a wide search on all topic because of having massive data sources.


13 | Contenko :“Contenko” was created to be different than daily search results pages. Why spend time going through pages and pages of results only to not really find what you were searching for. With “Contenko” we narrow it down to a single page of 10 results. If what you are looking for is not in those results, search again with a better search term. It’s that simple. “Contenko” makes it easier to surf the web through what we call search simplification. Our users find this new approach refreshing.


14 | Dogpile :“InfoSpace” created the “Dogpile” search engine because your time is important to us. Powered by “Metasearch” technology, “Dogpile” returns all the best results from leading search engines including Google and Yahoo!, so you find what you’re looking for faster. “Dogpile” may look like a search engine you cobbled together with clip-art, but that’s rather the point as it pulls in and ‘curates’ results from various different engines including Google, Yandex and Yahoo, but removes all the ads.


15 | Alhea : “Alhea” is simply the easiest way to find good search results from more of the Web, and the most important thing is that has been created to serve for one and all.


Finally you reached the Best top most Popular Search Engines  in the worldwide based on millions of users that visit each website per month. Do any of these results surprise you? Let us know in the comments section!

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