Top 7 youtubers in 2018
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The Top 7 YouTubers of 2018

Launching in 2005 and offering the opportunity to post content and create channels as of 2006, many have seen the benefits that come with the service whilst enjoying every bit of it. YouTube offers the ability to create a channel and some have gained great recognition for their material. With diversity in material, every Youtuber sets out differently and this is what keeps subscribers coming back for more. Herein are among the top 7 Youtubers as of 2018.

1. PewDiePie

“Let’s Play” is a term you will consistently hear on the channel. Being the most subscribed channel since 2013 PewDiePie is a channel mostly containing Game-Walk Throughs and Commentaries. The Youtuber is a Swedish born gent, who has recently taken to comical vlogs. The channel has over 65 million subscribers topping the list of the top 7 youtubers of 2018. His style is eccentric as he mostly involves his audience, and this is what creates the huge fanbase.

2. Canal KondZilla

37 million subscribers and 17 billion views are the numbers on this channel. Canal KondZilla is currently the fourth most watched YouTube channel. The youtuber is a Brazilian producer, who has worked with many artists and similar players in the industry. His channel comprises of over 700 videos. He is also a director and screenwriter.

3. HolaSoyGerman

A Chilean Youtuber whose channels mostly comprise of comedy. Yes, channels, he has got two channels and was the first youtuber to receive 2 Diamond-Play Buttons from YouTube for having two channels with over 57 million subscribers. His other channel, JuegaGerman, and HolaSoyGerman channel are the 5th (HolaSoyGerman) and 18th (JuegaGerman) most watched YouTube channels. He is a writer and HolaSoyGerman is the leading Spanish speaking channel.

4. Dude Perfect

Among the top 7 youtubers of 2018, is this different yet most watched YouTube channel in the United States. It is primarily based on sports and is the leading sports YouTube channel. The channel is the work of a group of colleagues or acquaintances, with some being of the same family or related. The group members have each won several Guinness World Record awards. The channel has got over 33 million subscribers and 5 billion views. They have also been posting a series of comical and satirical videos and continue with the trend to date.

5. whinderssonnunes

A Brazilian comedian and singer is the figure behind this YouTube channel. Having been the leading Brazilian YouTube channel since 2013, he was surpassed by Canal KondZilla. His channel has got 30 million subscribers and 2.1 billion views. It is the 9th most watched YouTube channel.

6. elrubiusOMG

Going by the sobriquet El Rubius, he is a Spanish vlogger. His channel has gathered over 30 million subscribers, 6.5 billion views and is the 12th most watched YouTube channel. His channel is the 2nd leading Spanish speaking channel. His channel mostly comprises of gameplays and vlogs. The channel is the most subscribed in Spain.

7. Fernanfloo

From the country El Salvador and having a YouTube subscriber count more than the country’s population is the Youtuber Fernanfloo. He is considered a Twitcher for this reason. His YouTube channel has garnered over 29 million subscribers, 6.5 billion views and is the 17th most watched YouTube channel. The channel has got over 560 videos and is mostly a gaming channel.

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