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Top Ten Most Popular News Websites

The world is evolving every day and technology is also improving by day. News is a major content that we need in our day today lives so as to be aware of the day in day out events. We do not have to watch television every time we want to know about the news. There are websites that made obtaining information about the news very easy. The websites can be accessed anytime, anyplace and anywhere provided you have a phone and internet. That has made life so easy such that you can get information anywhere you are. Below are some of the top 10 most popular news websites:


This is a website/ blog that was founded in 2005 by Michael Arrington. This blog focuses on news of technology, social media and culture. The website has over a million subscribers.

The Huffington post

It was founded by Arianah Huffington, Jonnah Perreti and Kenneth Lerer in the year 2005. The website specializes on entertainment, politics, world news and business. It has a frequency of 168 posts in a week


For the lovers of technology and electronics engadget is just the best website to be on. It was founded in 2004 by Peter Rodgers. The website brings the latest and most popular news on computers, laptops to even smart phones.


It is the most common website that delivers news from all over the world. It reports all kind of news from politics, top stories, entertainment and even sports.

New York Times

The website gives all kinds of latest news, sports, business, education and even jobs. It has a frequency of about 168 posts per week.


This is a website that was launched in January 2007. It is located in the Washington D.C. The website mainly covers politics, campaigns and also the white house.


If you want to know what is happening around the world then BBC is the best website to go to. It is more popular in the United Kingdom. The website covers international news, science and political news. BBC is believed to be 62% accurate and most trusted by most people in the UK.

The Daily Beast

It was launched by Tina Brown in 2008. The website presents all news about politics, technology, lifestyle, books and fashion. It also receives over a million views in a day.

Buzz Feed

It is a website that targets the millennials. The website focuses on fashion, entertainment, lifestyle and social news. It was founded in 2006 and began to work as an independent blog in 2011 when it began to publish news from business and politics.


It was founded by Pete Cashmore in 2005. It is common in Asia, India, Australia, France and United Kingdom. The website majorly deals with entertainment, culture, business and technology. It is one of the largest blog which receives 45 million views in a month.

It is so clear now that you don’t have to be at home on you couch to get the news. You can get the news anywhere anytime. The above websites are accurate and very reliable to get the best news and always up to date.