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World Top 10 Best Flash Websites of 2016

Now we will know in the world Most Popular uses Best Top 10 Flash Websites of 2016 based on visual artistry, integrated sound, ease of use, and exceptional.

1 | Pharrell Williams – Happy

Pharrell Williams has employed Flash and his inspired style to create the world’s 1st 24 hour music video site. More highly he uses the full go together of Flash media integration to create a web familiarity that fully conveys the best song’s theme in a way that a conventional video could not.

2 | Clouds Over Cuba

This is interactive multimedia documentary uses the immersive nature of Flash to allow the listeners to relive the Cuban Missile Crisis 50 years later and find out what might have been. Created by the JFK Library this chilling website entertains and teaches. The mobile syncing and record are an excellent touch.

3 | Bear 71

Bear 71 is an interactive documentary about a womanly grizzly bear monitored by wildlife management officers from 2001 – 2009. The site uses Flash to add a special depth to a story that allows the listeners to realize the clash involving animal, humans and technology in up to date the world.

4 | The Museum of Me

The Intel’s Museum of Me uses in rank gathered from your Facebook account to generate a visual snapshot depiction of your life. The site, made by Fluid Inc. for Intel, turns your videos, photos and status updates into a virtual tour de power of your life. This website is a have to strive for all Facebook users.

5 | Disney New Fantasyland

Disney’s New Fantasyland website uses Flash to gather visitors to a captivated land that’s been long secret from our view. As the story has it, this is a place where mermaids sing, marvels tell stories, beast’s growl and elephants fly. We can dare to dream that the genuine attraction satisfies the web experience.

6 | Old Spice Music Muscle

Old Spice and Terry Crews have collaborated up to create a comedic Flash experience that allows users to put together some ”funky” music using Terry’s muscles. This website allows users to remix the video and create their individual jams and upload them to Vimeo. An Excellent example of Flash enhancing Brand connection.

7 | We Choose The Moon

WeChooseTheMoon.org was intended to praise the Fortieth commemoration of the Apollo 11 Lunar developing so as to arrive an intelligent diversion of the occasion. The website uses Flash to work archival audio video & photos into an experience that will make you feel as if you too had strolled on the moon that day.

8 | Moodstream | Getty Images

Moodstream is a hypnotic website brings to you by the folks at Getty Images that offer a brainstorm tool designed to help out get your innovative juices flowing. By basically correction the mood sliders you can adjust a torrent of audio, images & footage that can help encourage your creative path.

9 | Monoface

Mono is an advertising agency based organization in Minneapolis, MN that lives by the motto that “simpler is better.” The “Mono”face website lives up to that motto by creating visitors by way of a fun and easy Flash application that allows them to shape a Mr. Potato Head style face that contains 759,375 entertaining potential.

10 | Waterlife

Waterlife is a showcase for the most documentary film of the same name that offers its viewers a wonderful sample of the lush film making and rich storytelling found in the film. The proper genius of the website, still, is found in its fluid direction-finding that recalls the moderate motion of a lake.